Swiss Drone League Rules:

knock-out phase

The knock-out rounds start as soon as the qualifications have been completed and the grouping has taken place. During the knock-outs, the 32 best pilots from the qualification start in groups of four at the same time on a start signal (number of pilots may be adjusted). A time measurement is also carried out during the knock-outs. This is however only then crucial, if discrepancies happen. Several pilots crash and it needs a decision criterion. It is flown in the Double Knockout system. The two pilots, who cross the finish line first, go directly one round further. The third- and fourth-placed pilots fall into the Loosers line. They still have a chance to make it to the final, but have to survive two additional rounds. If a pilot fails to make it into the first two ranks twice, he will be eliminated from the race. In the penultimate lap two pilots of the Loosers Line have the chance to reach the final with the two pilots who have finished all laps as first or second so far.


The SDL season will include 5 races. Points can be collected at the respective locations.
which determine the overall winner at the end.
Points after finishing the ranking:

1) 100 P
2) 80 P
3) 70 P
4) 60 P
5) 50 P
6) 40 P
7 – 10) 30 P
11 – 16) 25 P
17 – 24) 20 P
25 – 32) 15P

Additional points during the event

– Each pilot, who has passed the given qualification
Number of laps completed: 1 point
– Best lap time over the whole event: 5 points
– Best time for the whole heat
(given number of laps): 5 points

extra points

Points for the best lap time in qualification

1) 10 P
2) 9 P
3) 8 P
4) 7 P
5 – 8) 6 P
9 – 12) 5 P
13 – 16) 4 P
17 – 20) 3 P
21 – 32) 2 P
33 – 40) 1 P