Drones back in the Verkehrshaus

Clear the way for the start of the Swiss Drone League season!

As the official Swiss championship, the Swiss Drone League takes drone races in Switzerland to a new level. The first race takes place from 22 to 23 August in the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne – for the 3rd time in this Location. Everyone can watch as he likes: whether live or comfortably from home on stream, all possibilities are open.

Over 70 Swiss pilots and up to 10 top pilots from other countries are among the competitors of the Swiss Drone League. All those who like to fly drones are allowed. The youngest SDL pilot is 13 years old, the oldest 53. A trend sport for young and old, that is.

Every year, 4 to 6 races are held throughout Switzerland. Here is an overview of the new season:

22/23.08.202020 Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Lucerne
19/20.09.2020 Attisholz Areal, Riedholz, Solothurn
10/11.10.2020 HeroFest, BERNEXPO, Bern
21/22.11.2020 WIR-Expo, Zürich EXPO, Zurich

About drone racing

The new sport combines the virtual with the real world. Pilots control their drones, also called “Quadcopter”, through various race tracks. Here you have to fly around the obstacles and maneuver the mini helicopters through LED-lit gates.
The winner will be the one who succeeds in doing so and leaves the competition behind in the finals.

A camera is attached to each drone. The image is automatically transmitted in real time to special FPV (First Person View) glasses worn by the pilot. This way he basically sits directly in the cockpit and controls his quadcopter live. Ultimate action is part of everyday life, because the drones reach speeds of up to 160 km/h. Among other things, this also leads to around 300 crashes on a Raceweekend. Not so great for the pilot, but entertaining and explosive program for the Audience.

The images from the cockpit camera are not only projected onto the pilot’s glasses, but also onto large Transfer screens. In this way, the viewers are also shown this perspective. Those who are on site, can watch the race from different angles. The result: amazed spectators of all ages!

About the Swiss Drone League
The Swiss Drone League, or “SDL, is the first official Swiss league for drone racing. It was founded in autumn 2018 and within a very short period of time achieved an enormous reach. In 2020, SDL “became” the official Swiss championship. This is done on behalf of Aeroclub and the Swiss Model Aircraft Association.
Every year the 3 top pilots of the league and the strongest among the juniors are chosen to take part in the official World Cup – and of course to represent Switzerland.