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Drone-racing on a professional level

In order to offer drone racing a bigger platform, MYI Entertainment GmbH, White Carpet GmbH and FPV Racer Switzerland have launched the “Swiss Drone League”. This should reach as wide a public as possible by means of livestream and performances at large public fairs as well as events. With DroneRaceTV and raceGOD experts for livestream and time measurement could be won and with an ideal media partner. Support is available u.a. through well-known partners such as Helvetia, MCH Group, Toshiba Tec and Hörmann.

The Swiss Drone League takes drone racing in Switzerland to a new level. The technical sport Drone Racing has so far mainly taken place in a subculture and on a smaller scale. Now, MYI Entertainment GmbH, White Carpet GmbH and FPV Racer Switzerland are bringing copter flying onto the big stage. Thanks to the dedication of volunteers and the generous support of suppliers from all disciplines, the still young sport is promoted.

For the first season in 2018, the following three races are planned:

Comptoir Suisse, September 14 – 23, 2018 (race days: 21-23 September) in Lausanne HeroFest, October 12 – 14, 2018 in Bern Automesse St. Gallen, November 16 – 18, 2018 in St. Gallen

The races in 2018 will all take place at trade fairs in front of live audiences. If you have a trade fair ticket, you can also watch the races. These are professionally commented and streamed by a drone expert and a sports commentator. The finals will also be broadcast live on the event on – one of the largest online portals in Switzerland. Interested parties can inform themselves on site and get details explained by the professionals.

Statements of the organizers

“We are convinced that the Swiss Drone League will make a major contribution to the development of the still young Drone Racing Sport. The league offers pilots a platform to present themselves and makes Drone Racing accessible to the general public. », says Cedric Schlosser (CEO of MYI Entertainment GmbH).

“With this new racing series we offer – virtually as Formula E of the skies – throughout Switzerland and all year round unique indoor and outdoor experiences and combine this with brand new sponsoring and event platforms, which are exactly tailored to today’s needs.”, says Joris Zahnd (CEO of White Carpet GmbH).

“Our association, FPV Racer Switzerland, is keen to bring the sport closer to the public and also to promote its acceptance. We operate real racing away from roads, emission-free and harmless. Since we all build the Copter ourselves, the FPV racing engineer, racing director and pilot are all in one. », Says Sandro Geissmann (President FPV Racer Switzerland).

What are drone races?

In a drone race, the pilots try their FPV race drones (also called quad copter / copter) to achieve the best possible lap time on the staked racetrack. They fly around flags and pass gates, which are marked with LED lights and perform daring maneuvers. On each copter a camera is attached, which transmits the live image in real time on a video glasses, which sets up the pilot. The pilot sits almost in the cockpit of the quadcopter. That’s why they say FPV-Racing, which stands for First Person View-Racing.