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SDL drone racing season set for 2020

The Swiss Drone League (SDL) starts the new season in April. Five locations throughout Switzerland have been found, where the “Formula-E of the skies” can present itself to a wide audience as a new sport between eSports, VR and physical racing.

With five popular tour stops in ST. GALLEN, LUGANO, LUZERN, BERN and ZURICH, the Swiss Drone League (SDL) builds on its success so far. “As the first national league in Europe, the Swiss Drone League and its partners are doing a lot of pioneering work. It was only because of our sponsors possible, to achieve within 1.5 years what classic sports sometimes dream of for decades,” says Joris Zahnd, co-founder of the Swiss Drone League. The Main partners HELVETIA, HÖRMANN and TOSHIBA in particular have played a major role in ensuring that the reputation of an innovative and digital Switzerland can also be built in the field of drone racing.

Enormous range

Since the foundation of the Swiss Drone League (SDL) in autumn 2018, around 145,000 spectators 110,000 TV viewers and over 110,000 stream/video viewers in front of the screens and published more than 100 press reports. In 2020, the final races will also be LIVE streamed and/or delivered via TV to viewers’ homes.

Official Swiss Champion and World Cup participants

From the 2020 season, SDL will be appointing Swiss Model Flight Association (SMV) and the Swiss Aero Club (AeCs) official Swiss champion of the category F3U and due to the overall ranking, the 3 pilots will be defined, who will participate within the world championship in China to represent Switzerland.