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“As the first official national league in Europe, the Swiss Drone League and its partners are doing a lot of pioneering work. It was only because of our sponsors possible, to achieve in almost no time what classic sports sometimes dream of for decades.” says Joris Zahnd, Founder of the Swiss Drone League.

About Swiss Drone League

The Swiss Drone League is the drone racing series in Switzerland. Spectacular races with the best pilots in Europe delight audiences at breathtaking venues across the country. Drone Racing is a racing game that involves remote controlling drones equipped with cameras to complete a specific course as quickly as possible. With special glasses, the pilot practically sits in the cockpit of the drone in first-person view (FPV).

The goal of the community is to comprehensively promote and support FPV sport itself and the scene. Be it through direct support in the context of the exercise of sport or in the context of a representation of interests vis-à-vis authorities in order to create a sustainable good basis.

Results Season 2018 - 2023: