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National Partner

Join us at the forefront while the next chapter in sports history is written: Helvetia has been the main partner of the Swiss Drone League since 2019. Sponsorship in this field offers Helvetia new access to digital sport. Drones are nothing new to Helvetia: We have offered insurance cover for “drone-related claims” as part of our liability insurance since 2015. Since the Swiss Drone League was established in 2019 we have been getting more involved in the topic as a principal sponsor. Drone sport is part of the rapidly growing field of e-sport and, with its mix of analogue and digital, is opening up a unique type of access to the sports audience of today and tomorrow for Helvetia. Statement: As one of the leading Swiss all-lines insurance providers, we promote digital sport throughout Switzerland together with the Swiss Drone League. For our customers this opens up the possibility of experiencing the thrilling races of this new sport live, up close, at the venue and also in the virtual world.

With over 550 employees, innovative products and state-of-the-art robotics, we are revolutionizing liquid handling in research, diagnostics and quality control, always with the goal of accelerating science worldwide. This is only possible thanks to highly precise cutting-edge technology. Reliability, precision and speed are crucial for success in both science and drone racing. This connects us.

The first mini helicopter which flew on Mars in 2021 was controlled by Swiss made DC motors from maxon. To make this possible, we have adapted and improved our drives – over and over again. Because we want to make the impossible possible and love pioneering work. These values drive us every day. And we share them with the Swiss Drone League. #KeepMoving