Moritz «Lazy» Werffeli wins the 4th race of the Swiss Drone League

During the second race within the Museum of Transportation of Switzerland in Lucerne, Moritz «Lazy» Werffeli was able to put himself in front of «TempleClause» Townbridge and Yannick «Downwind» Glauser.

The final race was impacted by an early crash of Marlon “Samsi” Tanner, whicht put three of four pilots a little bit behind. However, Moritz “Lazy” Werffeli was already in front and never gave his position away. At the end, he won eight seconds before Timothy “TempleClause” Townbridge and Yannick “Downwind” Glauser came in as third. Moritz “Lazy” Werffeli is the logic winner of this race. He performed throughout the weekend an flew the fastest lap in the qualification.

With this win, he puts himself on top of the standings, closely followed by Yannick “Downwind” Glauser.

We would like to thank all the volunteers for creating a great race weekend. Also a big thank you to the sponsors Helvetia, Toshiba, Hörmann, Maxon and Hoval. Last but not least, we would like to thank all the pilots for providing great races and fair drone sports.

swiss Drone League – Sunday – Final