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SDL season 2021 – 2023

No regular season planning for 2021

Unfortunately, the Corona situation does not allow for a regular season planning of the Swiss Drone League 2021. A full season with at least 5 physical races will not be possible this year. The core team of the Swiss Drone League is nevertheless trying to organize physical races as well as online races. Further developments and innovations are therefore being planned. We look forward to provide further information via our social media channels as soon as possible and thank you for your understanding for the difficult situation.

SDL season 2022 + 2023 are assured

The newly formed team of the Swiss Drone League is pleased to be able to share positive news in these difficult times.. Thanks to the loyal sponsors, the SDL season 2022 as well as 2023 could already be secured at an early stage.We all hope for a “normal” and full season from 2022 onwards and until then we will continue to do everything we can to further the FPV sport in Switzerland.