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SDL season 2021 – 2023

No regular season planning for 2021 Unfortunately, the Corona situation does not allow for a regular season planning of the Swiss Drone League 2021. A full season with at least 5 physical races will not be possible this year. The core team of the Swiss Drone League is nevertheless trying to organize physical races as well as online races. Further developments and innovations are therefore being planned. We look forward to provide further information via our social media channels as […]

Early corona season end for the Swiss Drone League

Unfortunately, due to the Corona situation, the Swiss Drone League (SDL) has to cancel the last race of the season in Zurich. At least 3 regular season races were able to take place thanks to a newly organized replacement race in September. This year the founders were allowed to hold the official Swiss Championship for drone races for the first time. This is why it’s a pity that the season had to be shortened due to Covid-19. None-the-less The anticipation […]

Marvin’s success story continues!

Congratulations to Marvin «Marv_FPV» Schäpper on his third win in a row! On our first indoor track of this season, Marvin was able to push through against 25 other pilots and is now 111. points ahead, to the currently second place Timothy «TempleClause» Trowbridge! 1. Marvin «Marv_FPV» Schäpper 2. Timothy «TempleClause» Trowbridge 3. Florian «FloFPV» Gluszka After an action packed weekend, we are looking forward to the final race at the WIR-Messe in Zürich. We would like to thank all […]

Marv_FPV strikes again!

Young talent Marvin «Marv _ FPV» Schäpper, repeatedly prevails against his opponents and gets the first place! Marvin_FPV TempleClause Flo_FPV With Timothy «TempleClause» Trowbridge on the second, Florian «Flo_FPV» Gluszka on third and Moritz «Lazy» Werffeli on fourth place, Marvin had a strong line-up on his back! However, Marvin flies unbeaten to the finish line with a big lead and secures the victory. After an intense weekend, we are even more excited for the race #3 at HeroFest in Bern! […]

MARV_FPV wins Race #1 of the SDL Tour 2020

Congratulations to Marvin “Marv_FPV” Schäpper for winning the first race of the SDL 2020 season! He put himself ahead of Michael “SWIFT” Isler and Yanick “Downwind” Glauser. And just like that Marv_FPV starts the Season as leader! After an action-packed weekend, we are even more excited for Race #2 at the Attisholz-Areal on the 19th + 20th of September. We would like to thank all the pilots, helpers and helpers who made sure that the race went smoothly. Thanks also […]

New location and the future of the 2020 Tour!

The Swiss Drone League (SDL) in its function as the official Swiss league for drone racing hereby informs about the changed situation for the 2020 season due to the corona situation. After the regrettable but necessary cancellation of the first two races of the SDL Tour 2020 in St. Gallen (18. + 19.04.2020) and in Lugano (09. + 10.05.2020), a great deal of effort has been put into the search for new options over the last few months and all […]


It is with regret that we have to announce that the first two events of the SDL Tour 2020 in St. Gallen (18. + 19.04.2020) and in Lugano (09. + 10.05.2020) cannot take place as planned. This decision results from the tightening of the ban on events decided by the federal level. For us, it is crucial that we can ensure the safety of participants, crew members and visitors while contributing to the slowdown the virus spread in society. The […]

SDL drone racing season set for 2020

The Swiss Drone League (SDL) starts the new season in April. Five locations throughout Switzerland have been found, where the “Formula-E of the skies” can present itself to a wide audience as a new sport between eSports, VR and physical racing. With five popular tour stops in ST. GALLEN, LUGANO, LUZERN, BERN and ZURICH, the Swiss Drone League (SDL) builds on its success so far. “As the first national league in Europe, the Swiss Drone League and its partners are […]

The Swiss Drone League Champion 2019

The Swiss Drone League Tour 2019 finishes off with a great race in Bern. With lots of crashs and even more high speed, the race series finds after 6 successful race weekends its crowning end within the HeroFest in Bern. After an amazing series, Moritz «Lazy» Werffeli pushed through and ultimately claimed the title: Swiss Drone League Champion 2019. We say congratulations to Moritz «Lazy» Werffeli and wish him much fun with the flight vouchers worth 2’500.- by Swiss International […]

TempleClause wins the first Swiss Drone League Race in Basel

After a spectacular fight in the air, Timothy “TempleClause” Trowbridge put himself in front of his opponents Brett “COLLIsionFPV” Collis and Matthew “Add1ct3dd” Evans and wins the fifth race of the Swiss Drone League 2019 Tour! The fifth Race was loaded with Action intense laps and a lot of crashes. The Auto/Mobil Basel offered a great location with a high enough ceiling and enough space to build a complex track that put the skills of the FPV-pilots to test! The […]

Moritz «Lazy» Werffeli wins the 4th race of the Swiss Drone League

During the second race within the Museum of Transportation of Switzerland in Lucerne, Moritz «Lazy» Werffeli was able to put himself in front of «TempleClause» Townbridge and Yannick «Downwind» Glauser. The final race was impacted by an early crash of Marlon “Samsi” Tanner, whicht put three of four pilots a little bit behind. However, Moritz “Lazy” Werffeli was already in front and never gave his position away. At the end, he won eight seconds before Timothy “TempleClause” Townbridge and Yannick […]

Yanick “Downwind” Glauser wins the first Swiss Drone League outdoor race at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne.

After a close battle, Yanick Glauser takes the win in the final heat before Moritz “Lazy” Werffeli and Marco “Vilano” Matthäi. ​We were able to enjoy three days of racing between the best pilots from Switzerland and the neighboring countries. The track at the inner courtyard of the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. The Pilots were not only challenged by the SDL obstacle but had to fly around an old SwissAir plane and a fighter jet. This made the […]

Brett «COLLISionFPV» Collis wins the second race at the Tissot Arena in Biel/Bienne

After a close finish, “Brett «COLLISionFPV» Collis” was able to win before Moritz «Lazy» Werffeli and Marlon «Samsi» Tanner. It’s the first win for COLLISion FPV in this year’s SDL season. ​ The Tissot Arena offered a great location for an interesting track and the track designer took full advantage of that. Narrow passages through the stance and a big hoop on top of the ceiling were the highlights. The visitors witness interesting races, a lot of crashes and spectacular […]

The success story continues!

The Swiss Drone League will start soon, after the first season with tour stops in Lausanne, Bern and St. Gallen and a total of 84’500 spectators on site as well as 110’000 stream viewers in the first full season. The following 6 indoor and outdoor races are scheduled for 2019 (Changes reserved): Win4 – Axa Arena, Winterthur 03.05. + 04.05.2019 Vibez – Tissot Arena, Biel 07.06. + 08.06.2019 Verkehrshaus, Luzern (Race I) 12.07. – 14.07.2019 Verkehrshaus, Luzern (Race II) 23.08. – 25.08.2019 Auto Basel, […]

Spectacle at HeroFest

An interesting race-weekend with a breathtaking finale! The race at HeroFest couldn’t have been more exciting. Florian “flofpv” Gluszka claims the victory with an amazing foto finish ahead of Jürgen “Tingl Tangl Fpv” Stangl! Yanick “Downwind” Glauser finishes third and Jonas “jojo” Bouchraiet fourth. Congratulations! Great prizes were handed out thanks to our sponsors: ​ Swaytronic Schweiz AG ​ A big thank you to our partners Racegod and Drone Race TV for the perfect timekeeping and the livestream! ​ […]

The winner of the SDL Tour 2018 has been confirmed

The Swiss Drone League Tour 2018 ends with a fantastic race weekend with incredible heats and we have the Swiss Drone League Champion 2018. Samsi sure secs with his 2nd place at the 3rd race at the automesse st.gallen – Ostschweizer Messe für Mobilität the overall victory! We congratulate Samsi and wish him a good flight with his voucher Swiss International Air Lines  worth CHF 1’000. Congratulations to our 3 fastest of the 3rd race in St. Gallen:​ 1. SWIFT 2. Samsi 3. FloFPV […]

The finale is in full swing

The St. Gallen Automesse is the last stop of the 2018 SDL Tour. Forty pilots will compete in the Grand Final this weekend. Expectations are high as soon the first champion can be crowned. You can watch the race on Sunday from 15:00 live on, Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. As a little taste we introduce you to the participating pilots. The final promises to be exciting.

The Swiss Drone League revs up at HeroFest!

This weekend the Swiss Drone League goes into the second round. The best Swiss pilots will meet again at a great location to fight for the top spot. This time the SDL will stop at HeroFest Bern. Don’t miss the action live at the event. To warm up, we prepared a little teaser-video. We’ll meet you there!

The finalists of Comptoir Suisse

We are pleased to present the finalists of the first race at Comptoir Suisse. Learn more about the pilots in our gallery. You will always find the latest information on our social media channels. Facebook: Youtube: Instagram:

Press release SDL

Drone-racing on a professional level In order to offer drone racing a bigger platform, MYI Entertainment GmbH, White Carpet GmbH and FPV Racer Switzerland have launched the “Swiss Drone League”. This should reach as wide a public as possible by means of livestream and performances at large public fairs as well as events. With DroneRaceTV and raceGOD experts for livestream and time measurement could be won and with an ideal media partner. Support is available u.a. through well-known partners […]

First races announced

  Ready, set, go! The Swiss Drone League announces the first series of races. The pilots and spectators can look forward to the spectacle at different locations in Switzerland. The first stop of the series where the exciting action of the Swiss Drone League can be experienced will be at Comptoir Suisse in Lausanne. Comptoir Suisse will run from the 14. until the 23. September in Lausanne Additional events this year were also announced. The second race will be at […]