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>News >MARV_FPV wins Race #1 of the SDL Tour 2020

MARV_FPV wins Race #1 of the SDL Tour 2020

Congratulations to Marvin “Marv_FPV” Schäpper for winning the first race of the SDL 2020 season!
He put himself ahead of Michael “SWIFT” Isler and Yanick “Downwind” Glauser.

And just like that Marv_FPV starts the Season as leader!

After an action-packed weekend, we are even more excited for Race #2 at the Attisholz-Areal on the 19th + 20th of September.

We would like to thank all the pilots, helpers and helpers who made sure that the race went smoothly. Thanks also go to our sponsors Helvetia Insurance, Hörmann, Toshiba, Basel, Hoval and Maxon. We would also like to thank the prize sponsors, hoval